Do you offer assistance in case of any issues during the stay?

Updated by Eliott Cohen Skalli

A trip is also filled with unexpected events and freedom, so we are always available to address your requests and respond promptly to everyday problems. Whether it's a last-minute desire, an issue with the property, or a question about your destination, here are the contacts to reach out to:

  • If, despite our prior checks, you encounter a problem upon your arrival, please contact your sales advisor as soon as possible so that they can liaise with the owner to find a solution.
  • For any inquiries or issues related to the property's amenities, our local team will be delighted to provide assistance.
  • Finally, if you have the "Club" level of conciergerie and have questions about your reservations, looking for a good recommendation, or wish to book an additional service, you can contact your dedicated concierge.

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