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  • Is the deposit secure?

The damage deposit is kept and protected in our escrow account during the rental period. Your money is blocked inside the account: no action can be taken with the deposit without the prior discussion and agreement of all parties. This process enables us to protect both you and the owner and to facilitate proceedings in case of damage.

  • How much is the damage deposit?

Each owner decides themselves how much to charge as a damage deposit, on our advice. The amount depends mainly on the value of the objects in the house: the amount will therefore be higher if the house is furnished with works of art or rare objects. We will always let you know the exact amount before you book.

  • When and how do I get my damage deposit back?

If there is no sign of damage, your deposit is refunded by the same method you paid it within a fortnight of your check-out. We are committed to returning your money to you as soon as possible.Please note that an additional delay outside of our control may be caused by certain credit cards or international transfers (for example using a deferred debit card may result in a delay in the refund date).

  • What happens if damage is noted in the house?

If there is any damage in the house, Le Collectionist will perform the role of a neutral intermediary in discussions. We will also make sure that any request for deductions from the deposit is backed up by valid evidence, which will be disclosed to you. The damage deposit is blocked in an escrow account and no action can be taken with it without prior discussion.

  • If the damage deposit does not cover all damage, which insurance policy will cover it?

If you caused the damage, you will need to claim on your own rental insurance.

If the damage is not your fault, the owner will claim on their landlord insurance.

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