What guarantees does Le Collectionist provide?

Updated by Eliott Cohen Skalli

Our goal is to be your trusted third-party in the rental process. We are registered estate agents, a profession governed by the Hoguet Law in order to provide optimal protection to the different parties involved in the rental process. This protection comprises several guarantees:

  1. Rental contracts signed on every new booking, both with you and the guest: this contract covers each of the parties and outlines the conditions of their involvement.
  2. The search mandate, signed once at the start of our relationship, which authorises us to search for clients on your behalf.
  3. The damage deposit, for which you fix the amount: we can of course advise you if you wish. The damage deposit is kept in an escrow account until the end of the rental period, in order the facilitate procedures in case of damage.
  4. As an estate agent, we are covered by specialist insurance, which offers a financial guarantee and will reimburse outstanding debts to third-parties in the case of a failure on our part.

Finally, we never display the address of your house on our site or give out personal information.

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