I am on holiday and have a request, a query or a problem. Who should I contact?

Updated 4 years ago by Eliott Cohen Skalli

The unexpected can happen on holidays. They are also a time to enjoy your freedom: we are therefore always available to respond to your requests and react as soon as possible to any day-to-day issue that may arise. A last-minute request, a problem with the house or a question about your destination? Here are the people to contact on a case by case basis:

- If you find a problem on arrival at your house that was not noticed during our inspection: contact your collection adviser straight away who will then be able to notify the owner and find a solution.

- For any question or day-to-day concern which may arise during your stay: call our trusted partner at your destination directly.

-  If you have a question about your activities or your destination, need a service, advice about where to go or are interested in a new experience: contact your experience adviser directly. They are always available by phone, SMS, whatsapp or e-mail.

All these contacts are included in your holiday planner. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to call us directly on +33 1 73 03 02 02.

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